My daughter, who is a sophomore, is attending Dr. Ninad’s session. He teaches how to increase your reading speed, how to think and learn fast, increase your memory, balance your emotions, and more. He focuses on giving tools and techniques to help students so that they become self-sufficient in their studies and daily life. He does not directly teach a subject or act like a tutor but, he helps my daughter build interest/get things done in subjects she does not enjoy.

Devaki, parent

'[E]ye-opening, highly relevant and entertaining at the same time!' That is how I would describe Ninad's sessions.

With the proliferation of classes for kids, mainly focused on academics or specific extra curricular activities, there is a sense of madness with which parents are rushing to enroll their child in as many classes as possible. But most of these end up becoming a chore that the child has no interest in and is being pushed into. I think, the need of the hour is to provide opportunities for children to explore topics and concepts that go deeper into their thought process and develop attitudes that will enable them to endure tough situations, be creative, develop more meaningful social connections, question the norms and build confidence to pave new ways [...]

It was refreshing to see the topics that Ninad had carefully selected to introduce to the kids. Most of the topics such as Coherence, Ikigai, imprinting, reverse elephentosis, etc. are relevant for adults as well, but unfortunately not all parents have the time or inclination to change old habits/beliefs. By reaching out to the kids directly, rather than through the parents, I see that the kids are more receptive and give their unbiased feedback. It has also built their self-esteem, by making them feel important and giving them a sense of pride to share their learning with family and friends. Ninad has amazing rapport with the kids and they relate to him more as a friend than teacher. I would definitely recommend his coaching to help your child grow into a well-balanced individual with excellent life skills!

Deepa, parent

I have been attending Dr. Ninad's classes for almost 3 years now, and the best thing about them is that the topics were always captivating and usually things that nobody ever talks to kids about, let alone teach us! From things like - how to concentrate better, improve your memory, control your emotions, be charismatic, find your passion, etc. - that really matter in life, to practical day to day issues that most kids face, such as - bullying, how to stay away from addictions, form healthy habits, public speaking etc. You can be good at a subject or activity due to natural talent, but if you are required to learn something new and you are not particularly interested in it, how do you deal with that? Concepts like 'rider' and 'elephant' model and application of these principles in real life help answer such questions.

The good thing about the classes is that they are very interactive and not "lectures". We get to express our ideas, doubts, concerns freely and Dr. Ninad always takes our feedback seriously and takes the time to answer our questions. Some of the topics like - importance of sleep, meditation etc. are things that we have heard before from our parents or teachers, but the fact that Dr. Ninad makes it a point that we understand the benefits, usually with scientific reasoning and personal experiences, makes it lot more convincing. Plus he has a great sense of humor, so classes are always fun!

Esha, student

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