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Our curated list of life-positive skills promise to give you a competitive edge. These are skills you can nurture for a lifetime- Start as a novice and evolve into a maestro.

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Speed Reading

Reading at 2500 Words per minute with excellent comprehension? Its possible!

Reading, like any other activity, should be done with purpose.


We have with higher configuration only 24 hours in a day and reading a good book roughly takes anywhere between 4 and 6 hours for an age-appropriate book for an average reader.


Do we need to invest that amount of time in a book when the remarkable machine inside our heads is capable of doing it in a faster way? The average reading speed of a person in the US is 250 words per minute (WPM). With our speed reading techniques you can double , triple or even quadruple your speed and finish the same book within an hour.


That leaves you a lot more time for other purposeful activities. And since the brain is engaged to a larger extent, it also helps us comprehend the content better.


See it to believe it. Sign up for our speed reading course. Start early, get faster in life, get ahead in life. 


Memory Techniques

Imagine a situation where you forgot your phone at home and had to invite people for a party using someone else's phone.

Or think of a day when your child has to juggle many classes. Different kinds of homework and assignments. how does your child hold on to all that information.

How many phone numbers you think you will be able to recall at the top of your head? We would like to hear from you if your answer runs into two digits , or even crosses a handful for that matter. Technology has made us lazy in a lot of ways.


One of them is we don't need to remember things as much as we did before. Ironically in this era of multi-tasking it is also expected that we carry a lot of cross hatching of information in our heads.


And we need our memories to hold the fort. Memorizing is a science and a craft and at Inner Labs we teach you that craft. Join our Memory Techniques program and see your life change for the better.


You will never "forget" to thank us. 

Pulley method.png


Time and studies is slipping away when you are doing something addictive, like checking your social media or playing video games or binge watching a series.


We need that Zen bell, that wakeup call every now and then. This also rings true for work and study


Sometimes we are so engrossed that we skip meals and sleep lesser. Activities - productive or recreational can mess up the overall balance of our lives which is so necessary for a consistent long term effective and efficient guilt free living.


At Inner labs you will learn the Pomodoro method- you will be able to time box your activities into slots with planned intermittent breaks.


Soon you will be in the control of your time than let time control you. 

Pulley Method

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Most of us have some extremes that tend to pull us down. We loathe things that we must not - like History, Mathematics, Exercise and we over indulge in things that we need to curtail like craving for sweets, junk food, video games.

What if I told there there is a technique where you can pit extreme habits in both the camps against each other and let them work each other into a fine balance.

The Pulley method is precisely that. At Inner labs we teach you to use your own extremes and work them towards an effective and purposeful moderation.

The result- Your History dates become "no sweat" and your video game hours shrink into a small timebox

Full body force

Full Body Force.jpg

There is times during the day you just don't feel like doing anything.

There are ways to shake yourself out of that slump. Full body force is one such technique where we use muscles in specific permutations and combinations to rejuvenate our body.

Doing this will help you recharge your inner jetpack much faster. A two-minute workout is sure to make you super fresh while a ten-minute variant will make crash into a very relaxing deep sleep.



Remember the Difficult = Easy+Easy+Easy+...

the first time you learned to ride a cycle.

Well, the first time you fall off, the second time you wobble, the third time you get it in a straight line but fall off while turning, the fourth time you get the turning but fall when changing the gears, the fifth time you get the hang of the gears, the sixth time you think you have got it, when you slip over gravel, the seventh time you finally get it. Life is like that- a series of continuous incremental improvements.

At Inner labs, we give you just the tool to improve yourself in a series of small sequential steps. Kaizen is a Japanese methodology that helps you do just that and turn from deficient to efficient. 

Structured Procrastination

At the movies do you know that there is a marginal price difference between the medium size popcorn and the large size.


Do you know why? The medium one is just a decoy.


They never want you to buy that. And it works.


Penny-wise you go for the larger one. It is a neat strategy to fool your brain.


We at Inner Labs thought, if the brain can be fooled why not fool it to our advantage. And we did, using Structured procrastination, where we changed labels when you were not looking.


The unimportant tasks like eat a burger we labelled as important and the really crushing ones like do your homework we labelled as unimportant. Since you are wired to go for the unimportant ones first, there is no surprise why you were a good boy by the end of the day. 

Inner break.png

Inner Breaks

In the book Metamorphosis by Kafka, the central character turns into a cockroach. Disgusting... Precisely!


We want you to harness your disgust to curtail your addictive habits. You enjoy binge-watching your favorite cartoon, associate it with turd if you love burgers too much, imagine there is a cockroach wedged between them. We help you overcome your addictive habits by introducing disgust into your point of view


Join us to know more about this seemingly strange technique which delivers perfectly normal results.