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Saturday Jan 30 2021

10 : 00 AM PST

Unleash the power of Speed Reading

Paper or Screen - Triple Your Reading Speed

Learn High-Speed Comprehension Techniques

Finish Homework & Tests with Time to Double-Check

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Is your child distracted easily?

Loses focus while reading?

Blanks out when asked to summarize?

Time to Unlearn or STOP the 3 BAD Reading Habits from Forming

These Power-Packed 50 minutes will
Gift your Child with :

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The Secret of Reading without Distractions

The Secret to Triple Your Reading Speed

The secret to Super Comprehension


What Will You Learn in Speed Reading Master Class?

1.  The WHY & HOW of  Speed Reading

  • Anything wrong with the way I read?

  • How will Speed Reading help me?

  • See it in action

2.  High Speed Comprehension

3.  Ruminating Reader

4.  Etymology - Befriend the Words

  • Create Memory Hooks

  • News vs Long Article vs Book

  • RC Q&A on Kahoot

  • Active vs Passive Reading

  • Wear the author's shoes

  • Get into the character

  • Greek Roots

  • Latin Roots

  • No such thing as a difficult word

5.  Bibliotherapy - Befriend the Books

6.  Learn to Learn FAST

7.  AnkiDroid and Mindmaps

8.  Final Words

  • Read with a purpose

  • Remedial reading 

  • No shoe fits all- same with books

  • Elon Musk's Learning Technique

  • Feynman Method

  • Edison Sleepy method

  • Use existing AnkiDroid

  • Create new AnkiDroid

  • Create MindMaps

  • Review & Conclusion,

  • Bring your friend to class

  • Certificate 

A sneak peek into what awaits you in the MASTERCLASS
Your child will :

Read Harry Potter under an hour

Be on top of the reading-learning curve

Imbibe a super skill for a lifetime

Webinar Speaker


Dr. Ninad Pimparkar

CEO & Founder

For Dr. Ninad, coaching children has always been his passion, his vision. He translated his vision of equipping children with skills that help them develop a multi-faceted intelligence. Inner Labs is the result of 25 painstaking years of his research. Speeding Reading, his Flagship course, is a window into exponential and fast learning in an age where information changes by the minute. Unleash the power of Speed Reading with Dr. Ninad. Hurry! Slow is not a word in our syllabus.