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STOP the Bad Reading Habits Before They are Formed

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Unleash the power of

Speed Reading

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Devika Sharma

 Thanks to Dr. Ninad’s Speed Reading Course, my daughter’s reading speed tripled within a month. I thoroughly recommend this course for every child who loves to read.

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Vaibhav Jain

I learnt the Speed Reading Techniques with Inner Labs and now I get so much done in so less time. Feels awesome.

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Zoya Khan

Dr. Ninad has a way of explaining key concepts. Thanks to him I am smitten with Speed Reading.


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Inner Labs Techniques



Sloppy habits pulling your kid down?


Why not use his Strengths to knock down his weak areas?


Get Great @ Things You Hate using the secrets of Pulley Method with Inner Labs. Now.



Difficult is only something that has not been broken down. Difficult = Easy+Easy+Easy+....


Don't let your child be a quitter when your child can become a Winner!

Ask us HOW. Ask us NOW.

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Tricking your brain is easy.  marketers do it all the time.

Why not trick your brain to your advantage.

Do you have tasks sitting on your list 

postponed to NEVER?

Knock them off

Now we will tell you How!




We are living in the age of distractions!


Are you the one telling your child to stop watching TV while your face is buried in your phone?


Here is a really smart technique for the whole family! 

Learn the magic of time  boxing with Inner Labs.

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Deaddict yourself with Pavolian methods.


Love junk food? hate cockroaches? 

Imagine a cockroach hiding in your burger? 

Let your disgust steer you to healthy habits.

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Your body holds the key to your mind!


And we have a few of those keys that will unlock your energy!


Forget dozing off while doing homework, awaken the full-body force!